Essential Chicken Stock

If you don’t routinely make chicken stock, you should think about picking up the habit. Chicken stock is an essential component of so many recipes, but so many packaged chicken stocks have a strange flavor that shows up in any recipe they go into. When you make your own chicken stock, you can control the ingredients that go into it and impact its final, ideally neutral, flavor. Making chicken stock is also a great way to minimize waste. Every time … Continue reading

Homemade Chicken Stock and Soup

After I started cooking whole chickens, I wondered whether there was something to do with all of the bones that were left behind. It turns out there is, and doing it will result in some very satisfying chicken soup! Whenever I cook a whole chicken, I save the carcass in the freezer to make stock (David is so happy it’s finally out of there). Just a few hours and extra ingredients later, I get to slurp down a very flavorful bowl … Continue reading

Cherry Breakfast Bake

Ugh, moving. Even though this most recent relocation is over, there is still quite a bit to do to make ourselves feel at home. Welcoming a new puppy into our pack has set back our settling in quite a bit, so I’m just now ready to share my last DC-baked meal. This cherry breakfast bake had been on my radar for a while, but it only came to fruition when I realized that I needed to use up the pound … Continue reading