Ramp Pesto and Its Many Pleasures (Like Pesto Potato Pizza!)

Life is full of changes right now and, fortunately, most of them are good. New dog, new job, and new spring produce like ramps! Over the years, I have struggled to find a recipe that best maximizes the mild oniony flavor of hyper-seasonal ramps, and this pesto does the trick. It extends the ramps’ shelf life and makes it possible to add their flavor to a wide variety of dishes. One of my friends even freezes her ramp pesto in … Continue reading

Ramp Pizza

I finally feel safe saying that spring is here to stay (what a ridiculous thing to have to say in May), and with spring comes ramps! Ramps are a mild, oniony-garlicky plant that is one of the first things to grow once the winter fades away, so it shows up on seasonal menus and at farmers markets this time of year. I met my friend at our local farmers market for lunch last weekend, and we went home with the … Continue reading

Best Pizza Dough

You know that I make a lot of pizzas, so when I say that I’ve made my most delicious pizza yet, I’m telling you something big. And this most delicious pizza is a humble margarita! But it’s really the dough that makes it so special. For me, the crust is the most essential part of any pizza, and this one is wonderful. It is a beautiful crust: easy to stretch thinly, a nice flavor, and the perfect combination of chewy, … Continue reading