Marble Tea Eggs and Global Supper Club: Chinese New Year

One of my long-standing favorite places to relax in DC is a Chinese tea house in Georgetown that is bright, peaceful, and full of delicious offerings. Their marble tea egg is as beautiful as it is tasty, and it was the perfect thing to serve at this month’s Global Supper Club celebrating the Chinese New Year. Marble tea eggs are made by cracking the shells of hard boiled eggs and letting them soak in a flavorful black tea bath that … Continue reading

String Bean Tempura and Global Supper Club: Japan Edition

I grew up eating string bean tempura. For as long as I can remember, my whole family would meet for dinner at a hibachi restaurant, where the meal has remained consistent for, quite literally, my lifetime. First comes hot hand towels, followed in succession by soup, salad, shrimp and string bean tempura, the hibachi meal, and then the best vanilla bean ice cream, which my uncle would routinely melt into ice cream soup on the still-hot cooktop. For all of … Continue reading

Global Supper Club: Italian Edition

The global supper club continues! Our group stopped in Italy last week, all the way at Lauren’s house. She spent the last year in Bologna, so she nabbed Italy from the start. And what did she make? Fresh pasta with bolognese sauce, of course! It was so delicious. I found the perfect group of friends- they can each make magic in the kitchen. I was fresh off a pizza-making high, so I brought a neapolitan-style margarita. Here are some of … Continue reading