Polishing Silver with Toothpaste

Get ready for a seriously fun and productive activity! Polishing silver with toothpaste is such a great trick that I’ve been waiting months for my jewelry to tarnish again. Brushing away all of the brown discoloration with just a few swipes of my fingertips and revealing a fresh, shiny base is incredibly satisfying.

Just rub a little bit of toothpaste onto the silver. I’d stay away from toothpastes that have abrasive elements in them so it doesn’t scratch the silver. One of the best parts of the cleaning process is watching the toothpaste turn brown as you rub the silver.

Once you’re satisfied that all of the tarnish has been removed, run your silver under water to rinse away the toothpaste. Be careful not to drop it down the drain!

Then, dry your silver off with a towel and marvel at its shiny newness. Be warned, however, that this process can get very addicting! Don’t be surprised if you clean every piece of silver around!

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Polishing Silver with Toothpaste — 1 Comment

  1. I can’t believe this actually works! You have revived some oldddd Tiffany’s jewelry of mine with this posting hahaha

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