Is My Scar on Straight?

The last Harry Potter movie premiers tonight, and the anticipation is too much. I can’t wait!! I have high hopes for this last movie because the first part of the finale did a really good job staying true to the book (even if that meant releasing a long movie with an abrupt ending). Harry Potter movies have been memorable occasions throughout the last ten(?) years. I remember going to the first movie with my family and being embarrassed for all the kids dressed as HP characters wearing tattoo scars on their heads. The lightning bolts were more cartoony than realistic, and that’s just a shame.

As the years have passed and subsequent movies have been released, I’ve come to appreciate this HP fanaticism (not that I’d be caught dead dressed in costume for the movie). I like joking that I’m going to bring my wand or cape. I casually mentioned to David that I needed to prepare my scar for the event, and he believed me… ugh, maybe my enthusiasm is going too far.

I saw the fifth Harry Potter by myself, and it was the first movie I’d ever watched sandwiched between two strangers. It was a very grown-up moment for me. Fortunately, I finally found a true parter in Harry Potter crime when I discovered Rachel reading the French edition. We saw HP six at its midnight release and then again the next morning (not because of fanaticism but because we bought too many tickets. Good thing it was a movie worth watching!). And tonight, we will summon magical forces when we see the final movie, one that sold out weeks ago! I can only imagine what adult costumes we will see.

On a completely unrelated note, I just ate a mango-nectarine hybrid and it was not good.
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