Fish Babies!

My dad created a beautiful pond in our backyard. It’s a real ecosystem full of koi fish, plants, frogs, algae, and dragon flies. The fish mate every spring, which causes the water to foam up and the air to really stink. As gross as this process is, it has produced quite a few babies. I’d guess that more than half of the countless (literally, we try) fish in our pond were born there. But in the last eight or so years, there has only been one new fish baby. But not anymore!

photo by my dad

We noticed a very cute baby koi darting around in the pond the other day. And then we noticed another! And there might even be a third! It’s amazing how quickly they grow up. The last baby was born in the pond about four years ago, and it’s probably around six inches by now. It still hasn’t eaten a single stick of fish food. Instead, it lives off of the healthy algae that grows in the pond. Our new little babies will grow just as quickly.

Stella will be very excited to have more fishy cousins to examine the next time she comes to visit.

It has been a beautiful summer. Cotton candy sunsets, new fishies, and fresh vegetables from the garden. What more could a girl want?

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