Camera Flash

Now that it started getting dark out a little bit earlier, I have had some trouble taking pictures of the things I cook up for this blog. With low natural light, my pictures come out grainy and blurry.  With artificial lamp light, my pictures come out discolored and unappetizing. It’s very frustrating. I knew it was time to start flashing. I took Smitten Kitchen’s recommendation and got the Canon 430 EXII Speedlite. I’m in love!! It adds a healthy dose of natural coloring to things, and it can be rotated to bounce of the ceiling or wall for a more natural look. Would you ever guess this pear picture was taken in the dark? I got these pears in my vegetable delivery, and they are really tiny- the size of figs. While they’re really delicious, I felt like a foolish, oversized squirrel when I nibbled on them in public. I finished the rest of them at home!!

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