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My kitchen is overflowing with wonderful fall produce. As sad as I am about the coming cooler weather, it has been such a treat to see new foodthings to buy, cook, and enjoy. Trader Joe’s has had some whimsical displays of these fairy tale pumpkins, and I wanted one every time I walked past. I think it would look great on my kitchen table. And when I came home the other night, David had one waiting for me! It is much heavier than it looks. Stella is also very curious about it and tries to nibble at its ridges and stem if I let her. I’m pretty sure one of my friends cooked a fairy tale pumpkin last year, so I’m excited to give it a try myself once I get tired of the pumpkin’s decorative quality.

Here is a crazy looking eggplant I saw at the farmers’ market the other day. I had to buy it so I could investigate further. I have no idea why this eggplant has a pinkie. I cooked some of the eggplant (not the pinkie) into a frittata that you’ll see here soon.

I also bought these English walnuts at the farmers’ market because I’m not used to seeing freshly picked nuts for sale. Although they are very pretty, this purchase was a bust. Some of the walnuts are good but others are rotten, and it’s impossible to tell which they will be which from the outside. Blech. I bought chestnuts (one of my true loves) from a farmers’ market a few years ago, and they were a bust too. I think I’m done with their nuts.

Hey, Stella! You’re not a vegetable. But I’ll eat you up anyway!

I got this spaghetti squash in my most recent vegetable delivery. It is probably my least favorite type of squash because the strands are always too crunchy. I’ll try to really overcook this squash and see if it turns out any better. Do you have any spaghetti squash tips to help me out? I’ll get back to you on this one.

I hope you’re enjoying the early fall harvest as much as I am!

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