Jenna and Mitch’s Romantic Wedding Spectacular

Congratulations to David’s sister, Jenna, and her new husband, Mitch! They recently had the most incredible wedding, one that exceeded all expectations and will be remembered as one of the best events of all time. You may think I’m exaggerating, but I’m not. Jenna and Mitch planned every detail of their wedding weekend in South Beach perfectly. From the welcome baskets with Asprin when we arrived at the hotel to the grab-and-go cookies on the way out of the reception, everything was perfect.

The rehearsal dinner the night before was Miami at its finest- South Beach sexy. It was outside on the beach under palm trees, and there were plenty of white couches for lounging. We drank tropical mojitos and caipirinhas, and don’t get me started on the empanadas. David and his brother Benji also made a touching and well-rehearsed speech that drew both laughs and tears.

And then there was the ceremony. It was outside by the beach at night. The decorations were incredible. There were crystals, colorful flowers, purple lighting, and palm trees. It was magical and intimate. Jenna and Mitch wrote their own vows, which were sentimental and even funny. The reception was followed by a cocktail hour with french onion soup croquettes- fried balls filled with caramelized onions, cheese, and a hint of white wine. I still crave them.

And the reception was gorgeous. The pictures I have really don’t do justice to how beautiful everything was. Click here to see a picture their photographer posted on Facebook. Each table was a different shape, with a different table cloth and different clear chairs. The centerpieces also varied, but everything was tied together perfectly by colorful flower arrangements, sparkling crystals, and glowing candles. The dance floor was framed with a curtain of hanging, shimmering crystals too. It was magical.

The reception was so much fun. The music was awesome, and the food was to die for. There was a buffet of crab, lobster, short ribs, fish wrapped in banana leaves, and more. I was so full that I couldn’t even try the towers of dessert on each table, which were full of macarons, chocolate, strawberries, and more!

And at midnight, the fun really started. Circus performers came out to entertain with party props and tricks. And then there was after party food- tempura fried burgers, waffles, churros, fulllllll. There was also a station where you could film a flipbook- little books that look like a movie when you flip the pages quickly. That was really cool. They even brought around flip flops for our aching feet so everyone could keep dancing until 3 am!

There were also a ton of personal touches throughout the whole event. Each table had a frame saying that Jenna and Mitch made a donation to the Susan G. Komen Foundation in honor of Jenna’s mom for their guests. Jenna and Mitch’s monogram was projected onto the dance floor and onto the aisle at the ceremony. At the bar, there were framed pictures of Jenna and Mitch with their families and two pugs. The pugs were also printed on the back of the flipbooks.

The event was so fabulous and unique that even the New York Times took notice! They sent a photographer and planned to write about the fun, South Beach wedding. Instead, they wrote an article about Jenna and Mitch’s relationship, which is still really cool (except for the fabricated quotations and dramatic embellishments).

This wedding was really special and beautiful, and it was everything that Jenna and Mitch deserve. Jenna is beautiful, incredibly creative, and one of the best-hearted people I’ve ever met. Mitch is funny, supportive, and ambitious with a great business sense. They deserve all of their happiness, and I hope it only grows from here. I love you both!

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Jenna and Mitch’s Romantic Wedding Spectacular — 4 Comments

  1. Beautifully written. I’ve read this several times already and feel that I am reliving one of the most incredible weekends. The wedding truly was magical and you did an amazing job capturing how it felt to be there. The New York Times needs someone like you!!
    If the success of a marriage is related to the amount of fun had and pure joy felt by their wedding guests, then Jenna and Mitch are set for a lifetime of happiness!!

  2. Pam we love you so much! Thank you so much for the beautiful blog!! We are so happy you were a part of our very special day! I definitely agree the New York Times could use a writer like you!! Thank you so much again!

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  4. I enjoyed seeing these pictures of Jenna and Mitch’s beautiful wedding.
    It was magnificent, indeed.
    Thanks a million!

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