Funky French Manicure with a Silver Sharpie

I’ve been having so much fun coming up with new manicures to try. I love this version! It’s fun but still relatively subtle. P.S. Doesn’t Stella have a cute leash?!

I bought these silver markers to help my dad with a gym project, and I’ve been looking for fun ways to use them ever since. Writing on dark paper is fun, but it only entertains for so long. Fortunately, these silver markers are perfect for drawing on a cool French manicure! Just give yourself a manicure like you normally would and let it dry completely. You can apply a top coat if you want to speed things along. Then, draw on a French manicure line to each nail- this is so much easier to do neatly with your dominant hand, but practice helps! Let the marker dry, and then go over it with a top coat. Use a lot of polish and apply very light pressure because if your brush bristles make contact with the marker, it can pick some color up and spread it on your nail the next time you touch down.

I redid this manicure in a light purple color to be even more subtle. I love it. It’s interesting, but if you had to run into a formal setting at the last second, it wouldn’t stand out. You might ask why I’m holding a Red Stripe. Well…I’M DONE WITH LAW SCHOOL!!!! I’m ready to celebrate with my happy nails 🙂

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