Stella’s Picnic

David’s sister gave us a great picnic cooler with all kinds of plates and utensils, so we packed it with food and a blanket, grabbed Stella puppy, and found a shady spot in the grass on the National Mall. It was one of the best days I’ve ever had in this city.

Stella was elated upon our arrival at the picnic spot. She loves exploring new areas and the smells that come with them, so she immediately rubbed herself all over the grass. I DO NOT want to know what scent she was trying to pick up.

There were a lot of temptations around for Stella pup, and I wasn’t sure if she’d let us relax and eat. After all, there were squirrels, ducks, cheese, and chorizo to be had!

And tomato mozzarella salad

…and paella, and lavender lemonade too.

Stella had her own picnic, and she mostly left us alone. She’s a good puppy.

Lounging on the grass with my eyes closed and my loves by my side really made it feel like I was on vacation. The air was quiet, my belly was full, and everything was at peace. Happiness.

Until that doggy bombed me with a wet willy.

I forgave her. I can’t hold a grudge against that face!

As the sun started to set, we wandered over to explore some ducks. They swam after us as we walked along, which was weird because ducks are usually afraid of Stella (with good reason!).

Stella struck one last pose by the Washington Monument, and we started our trek home with a lighter picnic basket but a still-squirrel-chasing dog. Summer, stay forever!

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Stella’s Picnic — 6 Comments

  1. Love your pics!!! Stella is totally gorgeous and looks like the most awesome puppy in the world. Really makes me miss having a puppy of my own….maybe some day. Food looks good too. Thank you for sharing.

  2. I have added another love. Stella puppy. She is so loving and part of our family. I enjoyed all of her pictures and the picnic you all had was a happy mid day vacation with gourmet picnic food eaten by three lovers.
    (poetic license)

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