Summer, Season of Happiness

Despite studying feverishly for the bar exam, this summer has been off to a wonderful start. It has been punctuated by adventurous meals, easy times with friends that cause the hours to slip away unnoticed, and beautiful moments with my little pack. Even though I have hours of memorization and practice to do each day, waking up is easier knowing that I have one of these special activities slotted into my schedule. But if there’s more than one, then I’ll slide off into bliss and never return.

Summer’s seasonal specialties have been wonderful too. I love getting to snack away on plump cherries, juicy watermelon, and I’m planning a trip to crack open zesty crabs. Other food adventures: An Ethiopian smorgasboard in Shaw, blue crab tacos at Bandolero, some of the best sandwiches I’ve tasted from Pepe food truck, and the SPICIEST meal of my life at Little Serow. I’m even happier because of the rooftop BBQ, breakfast pizza over Eurovision, a picnic by the monuments, breakfast with meh food but wonderful friends, and a belated Easter brunch marked by delicious quiches.

Like my nails? It’s the Sensationail gel manicure kit from CVS. I approve!

The flowers have been pretty, and the drinks have been flowing. I’m in love with strawberry lemonade cocktails made from my strawberry-infused vodka. I also hit a cocktail “class” at Lost Society that taught me absolutely nothing but reinforced my love of crushed ice. And there’s lavender lemonade to appear here soon!

I hope your summers are happy and fun too. Mosquito bite count: 1 (not too bad!)

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Summer, Season of Happiness — 5 Comments

  1. What a delightful Witty I received today. Everything is delicious, wonderful and beautiful. It sounds like a person in love. Yes, the gel nail polish is the best.
    Aunt June wears the sparkly kind. Good luck with the Bar. You can do it!

  2. What a lucky mosquito!!!!! I can’t get close enough to you to kiss you, but the
    Lucky little devil gets a nibble. I’ll kiss and make your booboo better when I
    See you.

    Don’t know what to do about Carly’s booboos, though, but I’ll figure it out
    When I see her.

    Much love to David and you my favorite eldest GD.


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