Stella and the Bar Exam

Poor Stella hated studying for the bar exam as much as I did. She didn’t like that my books got most of the attention. This picture sums up my bar experience feeling perfectly. I printed it out and took it with me when I went to take the test. It kept me company and made me smile.

While I was away taking the exam, Stella missed me as much as I missed her. When I talked to David on the phone, I could hear her crying in the background. It broke my heart. He let Stella snuggle with my sweatshirt, and she just looked so sad. Oh, my insides.

We cuddled a lot when I got back.

We are really celebrating our freedom!

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Stella and the Bar Exam — 8 Comments

  1. Poor Stella, she really did suffer through out the bar exam studying. At least its over for know and things will go back to life as Stella knows it at least for a little while:)

  2. Stella must be the smartest puppy in the world. Let me know when she gets her Stella “Cum Laude”!!
    Love to you David and Stella.

  3. She is so very cute! No wonder you missed her. What breed/breeds of dog is she? It might be on your blog, so I apologize if I am asking something already on there.

  4. Luv your Blog! Came to you by way of Pinterest w/your Man Pleasing Chicken (it’s fabulous BTW…). Just made your Zucchini/tomato dish and it was fantastic too. PLEASE– more pictures of your perfect girl Stella! She is too cute for words. A pix of her a day would not be too much. Congrats on your Law Degree!

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