Something Old and Something New

Let’s start with the something new. One of the supermarket chains around here has a very odd exotic food section. Some of the produce is not exotic at all and appears elsewhere in the store- like pomegranates, Asian pears, and mushrooms. The more unusual produce is usually over-ripe (yes, that’s the polite term for rotten). Although the store frequently has lychees, they’ve never been good enough to buy. But yesterday, some of the produce actually looked fresh! I have always wanted to try dragonfruit, so I did. It is a really beautiful fruit with hot pink skin and flesh that looks like cookies and cream ice cream. The insides are pure white with a million black seeds. I scooped the flesh out with a spoon, and with all of the little seeds, its texture was very similar to kiwi. It was faintly sweet with a very mild flavor. David at first said it didn’t taste like anything, but then he determined that he didn’t like it. I liked the dragonfruit, but besides enjoying its unique appearance, I probably won’t need to buy another.

It isn’t always easy to keep trying new things when I already have so many favorites. In recent times, I have re-made and re-loved some meals that have appeared here before. Eggs in a veggie basket are always perfect when we are looking for a healthy and quick dinner. After a glutenous weekend in Miami, it was very necessary.

Fried rice is also a great way to use up leftovers, and it is quick to make during the week. I used leftover rotisserie chicken, squash, and mushrooms, among other things, for a satisfying meal.

The rest of the rotisserie chicken got seasoned with cumin and thrown into a taco salad bowl. We also brought an avocado back from Miami that got diced up and added to the salads. I really love crispy tortillas, especially when they are smeared with avocado.

Despite enjoying my old favorites, I have a lot of new goodies to share with you this week. I’m enjoying the transition into Fall cooking, and I hope you enjoy reading about it too.

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Something Old and Something New — 3 Comments

  1. I will be perusing the new Trader Joe this week.
    For the first two weeks this store was jammed and parking was
    dfficult. I expect to see some of the seasoning and other thing you have mentioned
    in your recipies.

  2. So glad that you posted your opinion of dragon fruit. Even though we haven’t had any in our stores as of yet, I have been curious about them. From your description, I think I’ll pass on them for a while if I do find them. Yep, they are pretty!!!!! My passion is for mangoes and there are sooo many different types out there. Wish we had more kinds in our markets. It is nice to try new and different foods but sometimes the price prevents the exploration. I’m fairly new to your blog and looking forward to trying some of your recipe. So thank you again and happy cooking!

  3. The dragon fruit has to be one of the most beautiful fruits I’ve ever seen.
    I’d love to try it, but due to food allergies, I guess it’s a NO NO! Maybe I
    Would be O.K., but can’t take the risk. Your pictures are always amazing.
    I would like to taste everything by reaching into the screen and doing a
    Taste test. David is so lucky— he gets to sample everything.

    Love to you, David, and, of course, Stella

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