Stella and Parker: Rumble Cousins


Meet Parker, Stella’s rambunctious new cousin. They met for the first time and really hit it off. They ran, wrestled, chewed on toys, and chewed on each other. Although Stella enforced a lot of rules, she knew when to roll over and let Parker have his way with her.


Stella usually wolfs down her food when other dogs have access to it, but not with Parker. She let him help himself, even if she did look at me with pleading eyes.


Warning: these pictures contain a lot of sharp teeth and may look vicious, but Stella and Parker were having a great time. No puppies were harmed in the making of this blog post.


Parker is a very talented jumper, and he kept hopping up in Stella’s face and biting at her ears. The two of them were complete nibblers. Parker chewed on Stella’s cheeks, ankles, and elbows. Stella kept rolling Parker around and snapping her teeth at him.


Every time Stella stood up, Parker squeezed his little body underneath hers, and it looked like she had two tails. Even when they weren’t playing, Parker liked to walk underneath Stella’s belly like he was traversing an underpass.


Parker’s presence made Stella really happy. She hadn’t been feeling great because, earlier in the morning, she licked my dad’s head and then immediately threw up. My dad laid down with her again a few hours later, and the same thing happened! Parker’s sharp little teeth and unending energy were the perfect antidote.


Parker followed Stella around everywhere she went. She really liked her new shadow, even though he tugged on her tail every now and again.


After all that tussling, they settled in to enjoy one of Stella’s favorite hobbies: chewing on bones! Parker wasn’t much of a chewer before he met Stella, but now he loves it so much that I caught him gnawing on my mom’s kitchen chair. And as the ultimate gesture of peace, Parker is chewing on Stella’s bone, and she is using his! True love.

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Stella and Parker: Rumble Cousins — 8 Comments

  1. Awwww…. I love that kind of play. It’s so sweet when you see 2 dogs get along like that. I loved taking my dog to the dog park when he was younger and he would hook up with some other dog and they would RUN like jack rabbits, my guy loves to be chased. Then they would wrestle play until they were a panting, drooling, mess of fur. Plus you have 2 very worn out dogs at the end of the day… lol A tired dog is a happy dog. Now he’s getting older, he goes to a kennel-free open house small dog daycare (or our vacation) once in a while. He’s usually exhausted for 2 days after he gets back. Loved your post.

  2. that is so sweet. Thank you so much for sending that to me. We have a new addition to our family as well. Her name is Kahlua. she weighs 3 pounds right now and will grow to a maximum of 4 pounds. she plays with our pug Rascal and our French Bulldog Bullet. I convinced my wonderful husband that I wanted another dog as a few months ago we had our oldest dog Roxy (a mixed breed) put down because of Leukemia and our second oldest six months after that because of liver cancer. I was distraught and getting over the loss of two dogs in six months was difficult. Kahlua bosses the other two around and is a great snuggler.

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