Global Supper Club: Italian Edition

Supper club

The global supper club continues! Our group stopped in Italy last week, all the way at Lauren’s house. She spent the last year in Bologna, so she nabbed Italy from the start. And what did she make? Fresh pasta with bolognese sauce, of course! It was so delicious. I found the perfect group of friends- they can each make magic in the kitchen.

Supper club

I was fresh off a pizza-making high, so I brought a neapolitan-style margarita. Here are some of the other wonders that appeared on our table: fennel salad with blood orange and olives (I am craving this and need to make it ASAP), arancini stuffed with short ribs(!), panzanella salad, white bean crostini, zucchini with anchovies and capers, and the beautiful tart pictured above filled with red wine soaked apples. It was a feast of feasts. I can’t wait for next month’s supper club…I think the destination will be a delicious challenge.

If you were going to host one of these nights, which country would you choose?

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