Slathered Chicken Wings

Chicken wings are the perfect snacky meal, especially during the Super Bowl. These wings are slathered with a sweet, spicy, and salty Asian sauce that becomes wonderfully caramelized in the oven. To make them, start by getting 3 pounds of chicken wings. To dissect chicken wings, or any other chicken joints, you want to cut right where the joint bends in order to avoid cutting through bone. Bend the chicken wing and feel around to see exactly where that spot … Continue reading

Ramen Confession

I am ashamed of myself, but I’m not sorry. I’d do it again… I’d do anything to satisfy my ramen craving. I’ve had ramen cravings strike before, but I’d always been able to fulfill them by visiting one of DC’s rapidly multiplying ramen places. I either wait two hours for a bowl at a very small but popular place, or I drive to get some. But I was short of time, out of a car, and hungry for some soup. … Continue reading

Green Curry and Shrimp Noodle Bowls

We have been on a green curry kick. It is fun finding new uses for the flavorful curry paste. This time around, I stirred it into a healthy noodle bowl full of veggies, shrimp, and glassy noodles. This meal is also gluten free! I especially liked it because it gave me an opportunity to pull out all of my Asian-inspired eating utensils, but of course, a fork turned out to be most efficient. To make these noodle bowls, start by … Continue reading