Broiled Salmon with Horseradish and Orange Cream

I have never seen fish prepared this way before, but it should be done more often! The cream is whipped until it is spreadable, then it is spiked with aromatics, spread on thinly sliced fish, and quickly broiled until the cream is browned and the fish is fully cooked. The whole shebang is prepared in a flash and is so delicious that it’s eaten that quickly too. I flavored the cream with orange zest and horseradish, but other flavor combinations … Continue reading

Caesar Marinated Steak

Ken’s caesar dressing is a miracle marinade and a family favorite. It’s really great on everything, especially chicken and steak. I’ve been trying to master the indoor steak for quite a while, and I think I finally have it down. First, marinate your favorite cut of steak. My steak-aficionado cousin has finally declared filets to be the best. Heat your oven’s broiler as high as it will go. Then, put your steak on a broiler pan (or an improvised one like … Continue reading

Citrusy Broiled Chicken Legs

It is a real shame living in a place with no outdoor space or grill access. I love grilling! To substitute, I’ve been experimenting with my broiler. I figure a close, dry flame is the closest I can get to grilling. It’s really nothing like the BBQ, but it makes good food in its own right. These chicken leggies make a fun and tasty dinner. The marinade on these chicken legs is the best part. It’s so delicious and lightly … Continue reading