Braiding a Round Challah

It is customary to have round challahs instead of braided challahs for Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, the holidays marking the Jewish new year. The round shape of the challah is supposed to represent cyclical time and new beginnings. I already perfected a challah recipe that I love, but this was my first time braiding it into a round shape. Although the finished loaf looks complicated, the braiding process is really easy! Here’s how you can follow along (paying more … Continue reading

The Challah of My Dreams

The challah of my dreams has many specific qualities. Sweet, eggy, a golden crust, and light insides that are peel-apart flaky. As it turns out, these qualities are not easy to attain. But on my sixth attempt in almost exactly a year, the perfect challah has been recreated! The second challah I ever made is pictured above with Stella. It wasn’t sweet enough or eggy enough, but Stella didn’t mind. I came home one night to find her exactly like … Continue reading