Popover Perfection

These billowing, golden beauties are as delicious as they are photogenic. They remind me of a hybrid between a sugar doughnut and a cream puff: crisp on the outside, airy on the inside. What’s even more amazing is that these popovers are incredibly easy to make. The batter whizzes together in a blender, just like when making crêpes. Even better, this dessert comes with a show! Turn the light on in your oven, and watch these babies rise, rise, rise. … Continue reading

Mint Stracciatella Ice Cream

Mint chocolate chip is one of my favorite ice cream flavors, but the quality of scoops varies wildly. The ice cream should never be green – no food coloring, thanks – and naturally flavored with real mint. Dark chocolate is a requirement, but gigantic hunks are too hard and chalky when frozen. I prefer mini chips. And then I thought, why isn’t there a stracciatella-type mint ice cream, with thin streaks of chocolate ribbons flowing through, some shattered into tiny … Continue reading

Harvest Cookie

I’ve been working on a harvest cookie for this entire year. After falling in love with the harvest cookies at Prêt à Manger and the ranger cookies from Nordstrom Café, I set out to make my own fully-loaded versions. For a while, though, all of my attempts were utter failures. Then, I signed up for that cookie science class in an attempt to figure things out. But before I could really experiment, life took a turn for the better when my friend … Continue reading