Carrot Ginger Dressing

I have had this carrot ginger dressing bookmarked for years, but it took me so long to make because I couldn’t find miso paste. Eventually, I resorted to ordering it from Amazon around the time when I bought my gochuchang sauce, but the miso had exploded inside of its unchilled shipping box, so I sent it back. Miso is finally in my life, and this dressing was worth the wait. It is just like the carrot ginger dressing from Japanese … Continue reading

Curry Chicken Salad

Here is another winning recipe from my cooking class! This healthy chicken salad has a bunch of different textures and flavors in it to keep it interesting, and it’s made with yogurt instead of mayonnaise. It is best to make this chicken salad one day ahead of when you plan on eating it because the flavors mingle and get much more intense overnight. This is the only chicken salad I like, except for the one from Corner Bakery! To make … Continue reading

Summery Arugula Salad

This simple summer salad is spectacular! It’s light but filling, and it’s very easy to make. This salad would make a great starter for a summer BBQ, but a larger portion makes a healthy meal in itself. To make it, pile some fresh arugula into a bowl. Top it with shaved asparagus. To shave asparagus, place a spear of asparagus on a cutting board, and run a vegetable peeler over it. Use your vegetable peeler to shave some pieces of … Continue reading