Flavorful and Crunchy Egg Salad (Sans Mayo)

Egg salad is underestimated. It is tasty and pretty, and if deviled eggs can come back in style, then hope is not lost for an egg salad renaissance too. My ideal egg salad has chopped egg (no slices) and lots of crunchy bits. I am also not a huge fan of mayo, so this mustard/yogurt binder is the perfect replacement. I made this batch of egg salad for a celebratory breakfast picnic with David and Stella- a wonderful way to … Continue reading

Strawberry-Ricotta Crostini with Jamón Serrano

I’ve told you about DC’s vibrant food truck scene before, but one of my favorite trucks is Cirque Cuisine (UPDATE- RIP, Cirque). Its menu changes weekly, and all of its meals are really unique and interesting. Recently, I ordered these delicious crostini with ricotta, figs, and prosciutto. It was served over a fruity and fresh green salad, and it was the perfect lunch to eat in the grass in the middle of the day. I recreated that meal, replacing Cirque’s … Continue reading

Curry Chicken Salad

Here is another winning recipe from my cooking class! This healthy chicken salad has a bunch of different textures and flavors in it to keep it interesting, and it’s made with yogurt instead of mayonnaise. It is best to make this chicken salad one day ahead of when you plan on eating it because the flavors mingle and get much more intense overnight. This is the only chicken salad I like, except for the one from Corner Bakery! To make … Continue reading