Wedding Welcome Bags

It would be a huge lie to say that David and I had a DIY wedding, but we did take on a few projects that injected some extra personality into our event. I already told you about the Stella cardboard cut-out we used as a flip-book booth prop (the cut-out now graces our office wall). Now I share our much more ambitious project- putting together approximately 60 welcome bags for our out-of-town guests to receive upon their arrival at their respective … Continue reading

Stella: the Flattest Wedding Guest

Well, we did it! Our pack is officially a family! Although Stella didn’t participate in our wedding in person, she was there in cardboard form. Yes, Stella has her own cardboard cut out. We used her as a prop in our flip-book photo booth, and people seemed to be having fun with her (some of them a little too much!). The picture above is a still shot from the little movie David and I filmed with stand-in Stella. I am … Continue reading

Life Outside the Kitchen

I’ve been busy. Too busy to buy food, let alone to cook it and write about it. Instead of planning meals and recipes, I’ve been planning a rapidly approaching wedding! There are so many fun little details that I’ve been wanting to share with you, especially one Stella-related item, but I will have to wait just a few more weeks. Here are some cute pictures of her to whet your appetite. On the food front, there are some standby items … Continue reading