I’m Witty in the City, a lawyer living in Washington, DC Philadelphia.  I like laughing with good people over good food, and I like documenting some of it here. My foxy dog Stella also shows up here frequently because she is a riot and has trouble controlling her licker.

Contact me at witty@wittyinthecity.com.

Read my recipe-sharing philosophy here.

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  1. I just happened on your blog and am tickled I found you. I’ll never have to wonder where to find a new chicken recipe again and your kitties are adorable.

  2. Happy Birthday to Stella. I think she is the smartest and cutest puppy and because she makes you and David happy she makes me happy as well.

  3. I just came across your blog from a pinterest link – your recipe collection looks amazing! Looks like exactly my “type” of food! – Can’t wait to try some of these recipes, thanks for the blog!

  4. Found one of your chicken recipes from Pinterest – I just want to make sure that you are okay with pinning an re-pinning on Pinterest, before I pin it as well?

  5. So happy to have found you and Man-Pleasing Chicken on Pinterest. The flavor is truly indescribable! Too too good. Thank you so much and my Chloe-dog started the Sniff Sniff Yum Yum Whinper very early on. I will be trying the Cheesesteak next, since it looks like Stella recommends it!

  6. So happy to have found your blog. You’re an adorable foodie, nail fashionista nut and I like it!

  7. I am so happy I came across this website. I stumbled upon it by just looking up chicken recipes on google when I found “Man Pleasing Chicken”. Loved it and other recipes you have posted. Thanks for sharing.

  8. I simply love your blog. Found you via Pinterest and now find myself looking for Witty every morning when I open email.

    I am using the recipes, I made the “Man Pleasing” chicken…delicious. The name needs an overhaul but I can’t think of one so it sits in my recipes as it is. Maybe I will rename it Witty Chicken , then I will remember where I found it. Next will be Green Tea Ice Cream for a luncheon I have planned later this month.

    Linda Butwinick

  9. I absolutely love your blog! Every year around the fall I feel the need to ‘nest’ and start trying to cook again. I am not an experienced cook by any means but I have successfully made a few of your recipes recently (manpleasing chicken, roast chicken and twice baked potatoes – yum!!) and my boyfriend has deemed me ‘an amazing cook’! Thank you for helping me enjoy cooking and making it so easy. I feel like everything in your recipe list is something I would enjoy eating and I can’t wait to try them all. Whenever I feel like making a meal I come directly to your blog and I know I can make something delicious and not have to buy a million weird things at the grocery store (like so many other recipes make you do). I can’t wait to see the new fall recipes you will share. Sincerely, Gloria from Boston

  10. This is such an amazing blog!

    I can’t wait to try out all of your recipes and the photos are SO enticing!

    I recently just moved from DC to start law school in Los Angeles. Your DC photos makes me so nostalgic!

  11. I just found the recipe on Man Pleasing Chicken. Can rice vinegar be used in place of rice wine vinegar? This looks like a spectacular dish and most comments agree.

    • Thanks! Click the grey “print” button at the bottom of each post. You will have the option to remove the pictures and any text.

  12. I would like to be able to print the Taco Skillet recipe from your site that I found on Pinterest. It kept bouncing back to the starter page for 69 recipes. I came to your site but am having no luck here either. It looks so yummy.

  13. Are you okay if I post a recipe from your site on AllRecipes.com? I’d cite you as the source, of course. I’d just love to save it to my favorites there. Thanks!

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