Baby Rue died. ┬áHer absence fills up every silent thought, every space between heartbeats. I hope her vibrant energy brought you happiness during her too-few appearances here. I’ll be back with a new recipe tomorrow to replace this sad news. … Continue reading

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Witty in the City of Brotherly Love


Let’s take a 14 hour flight away from Japan so I can share my other news…Witty in the City is moving to Philadelphia! (Thank heavens I had the foresight to choose a generic-ish name for this website.) Tears have been shed, both happy and sad, about leaving DC– our home for the past 10 very transformative years. Our move is precipitated more by fate than by choice: David graduated from medical school (hooray!!) and was placed at a hospital in … Continue reading

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Suspense and Intrigue


Lots of changes and exciting developments have been brewing here at Witty headquarters. Life has been a whirlwind that will keep on whirling for the next few weeks, so don’t expect any new content between now and then. But, I promise, when that new content arrives…you’ll be riveted! And so, I leave you with these photographic clues (and the faintest hope for a decent night’s rest). … Continue reading

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