Herb & Lou’s Infused Cubes

Cocktail hour has changed forever! But in my house, it’s more basic than that– now we have a daily cocktail hour! I am obsessed with these infused cocktail ice cubes, to the point that I pack them when I travel so I can share them with my friends. What makes them even better is that my sister’s boyfriend invented them, so I’ve had a behind-the-scenes look at their creation and development over the years. They are finally here, and the … Continue reading

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Simple Solution: Lazy De-Wrinkling

Simple Solution: Lazy De-wrinkling

I don’t like to iron. Back when I had good intentions, all of our wrinkly, unwearable clothes remained crumpled in a corner forever. Eventually, I came into possession of Bounty’s Wrinkle Releaser spray, and it worked wonders. A few spritzes and a few shakes later, my clothes were smooth…but sticky. Touching a wrinkle-released shirt with damp hands was a recipe for goo. After a few uses, I realized that the key step in eliminating wrinkles seemed to be vigorouslyshaking out … Continue reading

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Simple Solution: Cleaning Glass Bottles with Magnets

I have had a problem with the inside of my glass bottles getting stuck-on schmutz that couldn’t be cleaned out. The bottles are too narrow for me to reach inside, and no matter how long the bottles soaked in soapy water, and no matter how many times they went through the dishwasher, they just couldn’t get clean. My most problematic bottles are the ones I use for orange juice or lemonade (all that pulp!) and kombucha. Eventually, I stumbled across … Continue reading

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