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Appetizer: Black Bean Quesadillas Rosemary Flatbread Crackers Healthiest Baked Onion Rings Caramelized Onions Spinach Pesto Sweet Tomato Spread Butternut Squash Hors D’Oeuvres Hanukkah Latkes Mini Frittatas Apple and Walnut Charoset Raspberry Brie Phyllo Rolls Gougères Galore Gougères: Puffed and Refreshed Presto Pesto! Party Bread Pesto Parmesan Palmiers Really Cheesy Crackers Mushroom and Ginger Wontons Slathered Chicken Wings Funky Finger Food: Wonton Mozzarella Sticks Ga-Ga Garlic Bread Tie Me up into Garlic Knots String Bean Tempura Muhammara: Red Pepper Dip Cheese … Continue reading

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Apple: Apple Chips: Easy, Crunchy, Healthy, and Surprisingly Filling! Guest Post: Rachel’s Award-Winning Apple Pie Apple and Walnut Charoset Apple and Cheddar Scones Jewish Apple Cake Apple Cake Muffins Simply Simmered Apple Butter Let’s Get Applesauced Caramel Apple Tart Asparagus: Quick Breakfast Hash Signs of Spring: Asparagus Soup Balsamic Vinegar: Standout Balsamic Vinaigrette Banana: This Ice Cream Is Totally Bananas- and Nothing Else! A Banana Bread for My Sweet Tooth Bacon-Wrapped Banana Bombs Basil: Presto Pesto! Beans: Black Bean Quesadillas … Continue reading