Legitimate Quiche Lorraine

I have made quiche many times. It is wonderful. But then I made quiche at my cooking class, and I realized that I’ve been doing it wrong this whole time. While my old quiche was good- eggy and cheesy- it was nothing like the creamy, luscious quiche that this method makes. One bite, and I knew that it is what quiche was meant to be. Even if you think you’ve had a proper quiche, make this one just to be … Continue reading

Macaron Success!

Witty in the City is two years old, and to mark this happy occasion, let’s celebrate with French macarons! In a striking coincidence, the first post on Witty in the City is also about a macaron odyssey. Fortunately, both tales have sweet endings. This properly-executed macaron recipe satisfies my cravings to the point that I have trouble believing they came from my own kitchen. Although they are labor of love, I am looking forward to experimenting with other flavor combinations … Continue reading

Gougères Galore

I love gougères! Gougères are French cheese puffs that are cheesy, airy, and utterly addictive. I first had them in Bourgogne on a family’s small vineyard. They served us gougères as a palate cleanser between our different sips of wine, and I couldn’t get enough of them. I knew I had to make them for myself, but getting the gougères to turn out like those at the vineyard wasn’t easy. After much trial and error, I have gotten them to … Continue reading