Hanukkah Latkes: The Golden Ratio

I originally posted my latke recipe in 2011, but I’ve continued to tweak it in my own kitchen every year. And now, I have finally achieved what I call The Golden Ratio (potatoes : salt : binders) that produces the best formed and tastiest latkes. A few other tips and techniques make latke production as efficient and reliable as it can be. But if anyone has tricks for eliminating lingering latke smell from a kitchen (or a head of hair), … Continue reading

Miss Madeleine’s Kale Gratin

I was effectively ejected from the Global Supper Club after moving to Philadelphia, but its recipes live on in my heart and my kitchen. This decadent kale gratin was one of the stars when our group prepared a Friendsgiving feast, and I made it this year when I hosted my family. Yes, that means I finally got the chance to roast a whole turkey (so easy- like cooking a big chicken), but I’m not sure it’s even worth sharing a … Continue reading

Nutritious and Delicious Zucchini Bread

I have been making this zucchini bread regularly for years, and it’s really not fair that I haven’t let you in on this recipe until now. It’s the perfect thing to make when the farmers markets are overrun by zucchini, or when you find that rogue, overgrown squash in the back of your garden (not a problem I’ve ever been lucky enough to have). This bread is just sweet enough to work as a satisfying dessert, but it’s packed with … Continue reading