Things I Like About Florida

There are a lot of things I love about Florida. Of course, David comes from there and my beautiful Bubbie and Aunt June live there. But there are also the most heart-stopping sunsets.

Road trips are also really fun because the roads are sleek and smooth…

…the speed limit is 70! MPH, and…

…the scenery is beautiful. I love the pastel landscape of near-constant greens and blues. And the roadside wildlife is also really fun to look out for. I saw alligators, flamingos, and all kinds of birdies.

The American incarnation of Hogwarts is also in Florida, and it’s pretty incredible. While the Harry Potter park is really cool, the inside of the castle really makes me yell, “Wowzer!” It is so detailed and realistic. I could have loitered in there all day long. There were so many individual details to take in- from the talking paintings and architecture to Dumbledore’s pensive and the magical snow.

Outside, there were rafters that had fake owls perched on them. And real pigeons took up roost too!

But my #1 favorite thing about Florida is the fruit trees. You should know by now that I’m mildly obsessed with them. There is nothing cooler than being able to pick fruit everywhere you go- even outside of Starbucks! This little orange was really sour- it woke me up more than the iced coffee did!

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Things I Like About Florida — 2 Comments

    • What a blast!! You made pictures along your driving, during your Harry Potter visit
      and I got to see your beautiful face again! I loved it!

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