My Favorite Nail File

It might be strange to have a favorite nail file, but I do, and I don’t care. I was getting sick and tired of regular, sand paper-style nail files because they kept wearing out. They would also cause my nails to peel, which then caused my manicures to flake off. No good. So I went glass, and I’ll never go back.

My favorite nail file is this glass one from Sephora. Glass files are better than regular nail files because they never get worn down. So while they cost more money, about $8, the investment should pay off in the long run. To get rid of the nail dust that builds up on the nail file after using it, just rinse it off under water and let it dry. Then, it will be as good as new again. The fine texture of the glass also makes the edges of my nails much smoother. I haven’t had a problem with my nails peeling since.

If I’ve convinced you to go out and get yourself a glass nail file, make sure you don’t buy Revlon’s version. Despite the package’s claims, the file’s texture wore off after about 3 uses. Reviews of the file on Amazon confirm my experience. Sephora’s has proven to be much better. The only downside is that only one side of their file is coated with the abrasive glass. This nuance shouldn’t matter because the coating never wears down, but it’s a little annoying to start filing with the smooth side and have nothing happen.

Another thing to be cautious about when you have a glass nail file is that it can break if you do something like drop it on a tile floor. Or if you try to throw it (mom!). But fortunately, Sephora has a wonderful return policy, so they will probably replace it. Happy manicuring!

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