These Are a Few of My Favorite…Face Things

There are some secrets that are just too good to keep. I love sharing mine with you, and I’ve discovered a few products recently that I love. The first secret is Sephora’s ultra-smoothing primer. I apply the primer to my face after moisturizing but before applying make up. It makes my skin look even and smooth, and it really holds make up on well. I use it when I will be out of the house for long periods of time … Continue reading

Some of My Favorite Witty Recipes

One of the greatest parts about writing this blog is being pushed and inspired to find, create, and cook up new recipes. It’s a challenge, it’s fun, and it brings a little adventure (and many messes) to my kitchen. Because I am always trying out new things, people frequently ask me whether I ever cook the same thing twice. I do! I have my old favorites that I love to make, and there are newer recipes I’ve tried that are … Continue reading