Sesame-Miso Slaw

Where have I been, people want to know. I’m flattered, really. I’ve been here all along, home on my computer, doing actual work. And when that work is done, the last thing I want to do is spend time at home on my computer doing leisure. Yes, I consider the website a leisure activity! I love it. The moral of this story is that I’m still trying to create a productive and fulfilling routine for myself here in Philadelphia, and … Continue reading

Crisp Fennel Salad with Oranges and Olives

My friend made this delicious fennel salad and brought it to our Italian supper club dinner. Amid all of the rich foods on our table, this fresh, crisp salad was a welcome oasis. I craved it afterwards and had to make it myself, but a snowstorm was coming and I didn’t have the motivation to go out and get the proper ingredients- blood oranges and those black, wrinkly olives from the olive bar. I took the easy way out and … Continue reading

Strawberry-Ricotta Crostini with Jamón Serrano

I’ve told you about DC’s vibrant food truck scene before, but one of my favorite trucks is Cirque Cuisine (UPDATE- RIP, Cirque). Its menu changes weekly, and all of its meals are really unique and interesting. Recently, I ordered these delicious crostini with ricotta, figs, and prosciutto. It was served over a fruity and fresh green salad, and it was the perfect lunch to eat in the grass in the middle of the day. I recreated that meal, replacing Cirque’s … Continue reading