Heavenly Hot Chocolate- Refreshed

My snow bunnies, you deserve to be greeted at your door with a steaming mug of this unique hot chocolate. It has been my go-to recipe for quite a while, but this most recent snow storm inspired me to streamline the time it takes to make and the number of dishes that it dirties. I love this hot chocolate because it doesn’t use cocoa powder, which I find imparts a chalky texture. Instead, quality dark chocolate is used, along with … Continue reading

Hot Chocolate Heaven

This hot chocolate is very different than any I’ve had before. It’s not like the stuff from a packet, nor is it like the stuff from Starbucks. This hot chocolate has the perfect consistency and texture, and it has a very complex flavor for a chocolatey drink. Just the smell of it brings back wonderful memories of the time David and I took a batch in a thermos to a spot on the Potomac where landing planes skimmed the tops … Continue reading