Here is the last, and best, installment of our trip to Thailand. If I return to Thailand, I will beeline for the islands. We stayed in the Phang Nga Bay, a 45 minute boat ride from both Phuket and Krabi. It was the most beautiful place I’ve ever seen, with its clear, turquoise water and limestone pillars jutting out of the calm sea. The island had the best qualities we experienced sprinkled around Thailand, all captured in one place- kind … Continue reading

Upchucking in Chiang Mai

Aside from these elephant beauties, David and I didn’t get to see much of supposedly-quaint Chiang Mai. David was sick for the first half of our visit, and I was sick for the second half. Fortunately, our day with the elephants arrived in the eye of our food poisoning storm, and we couldn’t have been luckier to enjoy such a unique experience. Unfortunately, we missed out on furniture hunting, the night markets, and my much-anticipated cooking class (but no fear! … Continue reading

Blazing Bangkok

We went to Thailand! Thailand has been our dream destination for quite a while, but we never had enough vacation time to accommodate the 24+ hour travel days and all of the sights we wanted to see. We finally found a two-week block and jetted off to Bangkok, Chiang Mai, and an island near Phuket. Traveling through Thailand, overall, is enjoyable because the Thai people are generally exceedingly polite, it is easy to communicate in English, and the domestic flights … Continue reading