Mint-Infused Water

When I lived in Paris, there was this wonderful Indian restaurant down the street that always put long sprigs of mint inside their carafes d’eau. I loved it because the subtle minty flavor was a nice palate cleanser between bites of their spicy curries. I started growing mint in my Aerogarden, and it’s really taking off. I have a few other plans for the mint, but this water infusion is definitely the easiest. Just fill up a water jug, clip … Continue reading

Fish Babies!

My dad created a beautiful pond in our backyard. It’s a real ecosystem full of koi fish, plants, frogs, algae, and dragon flies. The fish mate every spring, which causes the water to foam up and the air to really stink. As gross as this process is, it has produced quite a few babies. I’d guess that more than half of the countless (literally, we try) fish in our pond were born there. But in the last eight or so … Continue reading