Chew Proofing

My puppy dog, Stella, is a serious chewer.

And she tends to go right for my most prized possessions.  When Stella is left alone, everything she likes to chew needs to be put away (leather, plastic, remotes, cardboard, the top portion of all of my right-footed boots).  When she starting chewing things from the bookshelf, however, a new solution was needed.  Enter clear packing tape.

the “durable” binder is no match for my stella’s canines

I made two small loops out of the clear packing tape and stuck them to the outside of each end of the bookshelf.  They act as anchors for the longer strip of tape I ran across the front of the shelf, sticky side out.  The first time Stella went to investigate the tape and got her nose a little stuck, I told her “no,” and sent her away.

And so, the MCAT books lived to see another day.  Even though they didn’t deserve it.

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