Sour Babies

Note: You can watch these videos without the sound if you’re reading in public– they lose none of their comedic effect.

On very rare occasions, when I’m really bored, I’ll blissfully tumble into YouTube’s black hole of video curiosities. I’ve watched hours and hours of kittens swimming, eyeshadow tutorials, talking dogs, and Maru. One of my most successful ventures into the videosphere, however, occurred when I discovered the surprisingly abundant supply of babies making sour pusses.

It is 100% impossible to watch these videos without smiling and puckering! Even though the lemons are sour, the babies can’t stop themselves from going back for more. Recently, I was cutting up a lemon and Stella came over to investigate. I wondered whether she would have a similar reaction to the babies, so I let her lick a slice. Either dogs can’t pucker their faces or they can’t taste sour because she acted like nothing was new and kept on licking.  She can’t control her licker, you know.

Unfortunately, there is a dark side to searching for babies making funny faces. You will inevitably stumble upon the pure evil known as “Baby’s First Wasabi.”

Will someone please call Child Protective Services?!

Instead of ending on a downer, I’ll leave you with Stella’s pre-diabetic, inter-species soulmate: a cat that can’t control its licker.

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