Spring, Glorious Spring

Spring is my favorite season. It never seems to last long enough because it straddles a very fine line between too hot and too cold. For me, spring is a comfortable jeans and t-shirt day. Jackets not required. DC has been lucky enough to have quite a few of those days so far, although several others have already been way too warm. I love seeing the grass and trees and flowers bounce back to life. Yellow daffodils on the hillsides, pink cherry blossoms in the skies, and tiny blue flowers carpeting the fields. Perfect.

These pretty purple flowers are one of the first true signs of spring. I shared a picture of one with you last year because I was so amazed by the random way they sprout out of the grass. Stella and I encountered another patch of them on one of our walks and stopped to admire their beauty. You can just barely see Stella’s schnoz disappearing from the right side of the picture above.

I got a different view of some pink cherry blossoms when Stella pulled me under one of the trees so she could sniff around. It was so beautiful. What better color combination can there be than pink petals on brown branches and a bright blue sky?

The pink and white cherry blossoms even stop to mingle with each other sometimes. I love getting to walk these beautiful streets. I am very grateful to Stella for giving me a reason to get outside everyday and enjoy my surroundings. She makes my life happy in so many ways.

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