Looking Down


I come from a family that loves the window seat. I married into a family that loves the window seat. I don’t yet know if that is significant in any way, but I do know that we love the window seat for a reason. The view of Earth from above is heart-stoppingly beautiful. Granted, extended views of oceans or prairies or dense clouds can get a little dull. And the in-cabin distractions of sleep, reading, eating, and watching can hog our attention. But take this well-timed glimpse through early-morning eyes, and struggle to understand if you’re still dreaming.


Several hours and two flights later, I caught this unusual view. The dark propeller sandwiched between thick white clouds and the emerald sea promise escape- a potent antidote.


A parting gift for the end of a voyage- how incredibly lucky it feels to view a full rainbow from the sky. It can be hard to accept such beauty as truth. We live in a dazzling world, and sometimes, taking my feet off the ground helps me realize it all over again.

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Looking Down — 7 Comments

  1. Thank you so much for the gorgeous pics and thoughtful words. The pic of the rainbow is just breathtakingly beautiful….. Love what you said at the end about sometimes taking your feet off the ground helps you see the world for how truly dazzlingly it is. I feel the same way whenever I am up in the wild blue yonder…..even though I’m usually stuck in the middle seat… :/ (Mother=sacrifice) 😉

  2. As your mother I want you to know that it is significant that you married into a family that also loves the window seat. It means, enjoy it while you can. I haven’t had the window seat since you and your sisters were born! But how I’ve enjoyed the view from your eyes, as now everyone can see. Your photos are breathtakingly beautiful, as are you. So worth me being stuck in the middle seat all of these years!!

    • Wow, I’m in tears reading your comment. I’m a window seat lover married a pilot who loves a window seat. I can’t wait to see the view from my girls eyes. Thank you, loving mother.

  3. Beautiful Pictures!!
    Never seen a rainbow w/that much ‘arch’-dazzling!
    The pix of your perfect Girl watching the ice skaters, is like, ‘Mom, please, I’ve got to get out on the ice. I’ll do anything you want, but please let me get out there.’ I would expect no less from her, she is so full of life and loves adventures!
    She’s her Mother’s daughter……

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