Baby Rue died.  Her absence fills up every silent thought, every space between heartbeats. I hope her vibrant energy brought you happiness during her too-few appearances here.

I’ll be back with a new recipe tomorrow to replace this sad news.

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Sadness — 11 Comments

  1. So very sorry for your loss, so enjoyed seeing her pictures. Our lives are so much richer sharing with our fur babies

  2. Our hearts are broken and we share your pain. Even though her life was way too short, she changed our lives for good.
    We’ll never forget our beautiful, sweet, little Rue. We’ll love and miss her forever.

  3. So, so sad. Rue was a beautiful lady and she’ll always be remembered as such.
    Ur family feels ur pain along with u. There r no words of comfort at this time except
    To say time and time alone will help.

  4. I am so sorry for your loss! In all her pics she looked so vibrant and looked as though she loved every minute of her life. Please accept my deepest sympathy when there are no other words I can say to comfort you.

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