Muhammara: Red Pepper Dip

Remember when I told you about some of the foods I hate but wish I liked? Well, my tastes have evolved quite a bit since I shared that post a year and a half ago… who knew that was possible?! First, I shared my new love of mint in mint infused water and mojitos. Then I fell for salmon, baked in parchment paper or broiled with orange cream. And now, bell peppers. I really never saw this day coming. I … Continue reading

Tie Me up into Garlic Knots

Be warned, these garlic knots are addictive, in the best way possible! They are tender, flavorful, and perfectly crisp. The knots are brushed with garlic oil and pressed with minced garlic, but the garlic never overpowers. Dipped into marinara sauce, these knots ascend to the status of a full meal if you’re not careful to resist their charms. To make these garlic knots, get some pizza dough. Either make your own like I did here, using this recipe, or buy … Continue reading

Ga-Ga Garlic Bread

Garlic lovers will go wild for this triple garlic bread. It is brushed with garlic oil, rubbed with raw garlic, and smeared with roasted garlic. I was tasked with bringing garlic bread to a dinner party, which put me in a conundrum. I’d never made a garlic bread I was satisfied with, and most of the garlic bread recipes online involve cheese, too little garlic, or outrageous amounts of butter. So I sat down, closed my eyes, and imagined what … Continue reading