Simple Solution: Cleaning Glass Bottles with Magnets

I have had a problem with the inside of my glass bottles getting stuck-on schmutz that couldn’t be cleaned out. The bottles are too narrow for me to reach inside, and no matter how long the bottles soaked in soapy water, and no matter how many times they went through the dishwasher, they just couldn’t get clean. My most problematic bottles are the ones I use for orange juice or lemonade (all that pulp!) and kombucha. Eventually, I stumbled across … Continue reading

I’ll Get You My Pretty, and All Your Crumbs Too!

I never thought I’d say this, but I’m in love…with my vacuum. Our apartment has mostly hard floors. The humans who live in it have dark hair. The puppy has blonde tail hairs that are so long, that if I ever saw an actual blonde woman’s hair on David’s coat, I wouldn’t blink. The hair on Stella’s knees must be made of velcro because it picks up all kinds of mulch, grass clippings, and dead leaves. These particles magically release … Continue reading

No Swiffer Sweeper Refills for Me, Thanks!

I went to do a quick sweep of my apartment the other day, but I was out of Swiffer sweepers! Oh no! I didn’t want to use a brooooom. So I came up with a solution that has obviated my need to ever buy a Swiffer refill again. Hallelujah. Paper towels! I just ripped off a few sheets, wrapped them around the sweeper, and stuck them in those rubber holding spots. It worked like a charm. The crud on my … Continue reading