Shortcut Tortellini Stuffed with Meat Sauce

I once saw tortellini stuffed with bolognese sauce for sale at Trader Joe’s, so I thought that I could surely stuff tortellini with my magnificent meat sauce. And I could! My last experience making ravioli from scratch was very time consuming, so I decided to take a shortcut this time and replace the homemade pasta with wonton wrappers! I had heard good things about using wonton wrappers to make stuffed pasta, and they worked out wonderfully! Once cooked, they had … Continue reading

Golden Pot Pies…Adapted for a Weeknight

I love the recipe I use to make golden pot pies with pancetta and veggie stew. But making the pot pie crust, rolling it out, and baking it takes a lot of time. Time I just don’t have during the week when I otherwise want to eat the delicious and hearty stew that the pie crust usually encases. So I ditched the whole pot pie aspect and turned the recipe into a 30 minute weeknight meal. Instead, I made crostini … Continue reading