Toenail Drama

I have a fear of my toenails falling off. Fingernails too, I guess. My toenail fear has been exacerbated by my sister’s missing nail experience. She wore a pair of crappy shoes from Forever 21 on New Year’s Eve, and they seriously bruised both of her big toenails. Both nails turned black and fell off a few weeks later. She kept me sharply apprised of their status by sending me frequent pictures. Black nails, missing nails, toenails strategically placed over … Continue reading

Memorializing the Good Things

Even though we are only at the half-way point until Thanksgiving, May has been a very good month, and many congratulations are in order! There are so many things to be grateful for and celebrate! Starting this fun blog and getting to read all of your comments Two years of law school down, one to go Having the best puppy companion in the world My beautiful sister’s birthday, college graduation, and new job– life is good for her My other … Continue reading