Feathers, Feathers Everywhere!

A few months ago, I set out to transform my bed into a heavenly cloud. I bought a very luxurious down comforter and a feather-filled mattress pad. Mission accomplished! I can’t wait to get into bed at night, and I hate getting out of it in the morning. Those feelings are nothing new, but they’re definitely stronger now!

But my newfound relaxation did not come without a cost (beyond its purchase price). There are feathers everywhere! On the sheets, on my clothes, on my face, in my hair!! The feathers from my down comforter, both large and small, weasel their way out of the comforter and through the duvet cover. When I wake up in the morning, I have to shake myself around to shed the cloud of feathers that follows me!

you'd think dog hair would be my main concern...

But I can’t always lose them all. One day, I was sitting in the library at school when one of my friends came over and started digging through my hair. PANIC! Someone pointing out debris in my hair is almost as embarrassing as finding a piece of lettuce in your teeth three hours after eating a salad. She emerged from my ponytail with a big white feather. Oh no. White feathers are particularly problematic in my almost-black hair. Now I have to be extra vigilant in the morning.

Up until my duvet cover started losing feathers all over the place, I loved pulling feathers out of things (other than birds). I considered it a special treat when I’d see a little feather poking through my pillow or winter jacket just waiting to be plucked. I know that’s probably a little weird. As a little girl, my sisters, cousin, and I would spend hours plucking feathers from a blanket at my grandmother’s house. I never understood why it drove her nuts, but now I do. Sorry, Ma!

Update: I solved the feather problem…I bought a new down comforter. Oh well.

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