Quick Breakfast Hash

Making a quick breakfast hash is a fun idea when you’re in the mood to eat something different but still familiar. This one is super easy and pretty good, especially if you scramble eggs into it before serving. The key to making this hash is to put the longest cooking ingredients into the pan first.

So, chop up some potatoes, throw them in a frying pan, and brown them up with some butter or olive oil. 

While those are cooking, chop up some onion, asparagus, and cooked bacon (or turkey bacon). You can add anything else you like here too.

When the potatoes are brown, add in your onion. Cook them together until the onions start to sweat and caramelize lightly.

Then you can add in the asparagus. I love watching it turn bright green as it cooks… so pretty! If you’re in a rush, you can cover the pan to help the asparagus steam quicker. But my asparagus was very thin and cooked quickly on its own. Once the asparagus is tender and can be pierced easily with a fork, you can crack a few eggs into the hash and stir it all around until the eggs are cooked. This is my favorite way to eat it. Add in the cooked bacon right before serving so it stays crisp, and season everything with salt and pepper. Have a great and filling start to your day!

This hash was inspired by Smitten Kitchen.

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