Signs of Spring: Asparagus Soup

Amid the winter that never ends, this asparagus soup is our first sign of spring! In Europe, asparagus truly ushers in the spring season. Once the asparagus sprouts, it is EVERYWHERE! Even growing inside of restaurants in Munich! And it is so delicious. When I was studying in Paris, my friends and I did some traveling at the start of spring, and we had the privilege of sampling asparagus in many countries. Germany and Switzerland definitely had the best offerings. … Continue reading

Quick Breakfast Hash

Making a quick breakfast hash is a fun idea when you’re in the mood to eat something different but still familiar. This one is super easy and pretty good, especially if you scramble eggs into it before serving. The key to making this hash is to put the longest cooking ingredients into the pan first. So, chop up some potatoes, throw them in a frying pan, and brown them up with some butter or olive oil.  While those are cooking, … Continue reading

Fried Rice Heaven

Fried rice was one of the first things I ever learned how to cook (stir fried vegetables was the first thing, so fried rice was a natural progression). That means it is super easy and anyone can do it. Fortunately, my rice has improved a lot since those days. Now I eat it because it’s delicious, not because it’s the only thing I can make! To make this rice, chop up whatever vegetables you want into bite sized pieces. Onions, … Continue reading