Pumpkin Chicken Thighs

Don’t worry! Pumpkin chicken thighs aren’t a strange, physical disorder. They’re just a delicious dinner! And a good way to use up some pumpkin purée if it’s taking up too much space in your freezer.  I tried turning the purée into a pumpkin soup, but it didn’t turn out so good. Fortunately, my soup failure makes a great sauce for roasting chicken ! This chicken should remind you of man pleasing chicken because it’s cooked using the same method, but the results are much different (although it still pleased David). This chicken is sweeter and has a less intense flavor.

UPDATE: You may have noticed that this recipe went missing while I worked on improving it. The wait was worth it. Click through for Pumpkin Chicken Thighs: Back By Popular Demand!

To start, preheat your oven to 450ºF. Then, place boneless, skinless chicken thighs in a baking dish and season them with salt and pepper.

In a side bowl, whisk together 1 cup of pumpkin purée, 1 cup of chicken stock, 1 teaspoon of brown sugar, 1 teaspoon of maple syrup, 1/2 teaspoon of cinnamon, 1/2 teaspoon of red pepper flakes, 1/2 teaspoon of garam masala (or curry powder), salt, and black pepper. Phew. Pour the mixture over the chicken.

Bake the chicken for 20 minutes, baste it with more sauce, rotate the pan, and bake it for another 20 minutes or until the chicken is fully cooked. Let the pan rest for a few minutes after you remove it from the oven. Spoon some of the pumpkin sauce over the chicken thighs to serve. The chicken smells so good as it cooks, and it tastes great too. Now, does anyone have a proven recipe for pumpkin soup?

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Pumpkin Chicken Thighs — 19 Comments

  1. 1 can grn enchilada sauce,
    1/2 lg can of pumpkin
    1 onion
    1 sm bag corn
    2 cans (or whole rotesary chicken) chicken
    2 to 3 stalks of celery
    & other veges ( ochra, etc)
    Heat & serve w/ corn chips & a dollop of sour cream if desired

    (I would love to learn an easy enchilada receipe from scratch

  2. 1/2 lb. bacon, cut up in small pieces
    1 onion
    1 15 oz can pumpkin puree
    4 cups chicken stock
    1 T. curry powder
    1 t. cinnamon
    sprinkle of nutmeg
    salt to taste

    Fry the bacon until crisp, sautee onions in the bacon grease. Put both into a stock pot or crockpot. Add in pumpkin, stock, spices. Simmer for at least one hour (or more). This is one of my very favorite soups!! The curry is what makes it!

  3. Pumpkin soup.
    I use Kent pumpkins though butternut pumpkins work just as well.

    cut the whole thing up. removing the skin and the seeds.
    put in a big enough pot to cover all the pumpkin with water.
    Add some dried onion flakes (about a table spoon)
    add several heaped tablespoons of vegetable stock powder.
    bring the pot to the boil until the pumpkin is cooked.
    Using a bar mix blender, blend the soup (still in the one pot) until it is lump free. check the taste. add salt pepper more stock powder if needed. If you want to add garam masala or nutmeg or any other flavour do so now.
    this soup should be fairly thick, serve in bowls with a dollop of sour cream on top and some fresh crunchy french stick.

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  8. I made this last night for dinner & didn’t realize until I was making it that I had no curry powder! Yikes! I used a bit of cumin & it worked out great! I did cut the pepper flakes down to 1/8 tsp because I wasn’t sure how hot it would be. My DH & DD do NOT like spicy food. I do & can always doctor mine up. It was a HUGE hit & both of my picky eaters had seconds! I also used breast tenderloins & just kept an eye on them so that they wouldn’t be too dried out. I cooked them about 30 min & they were perfect. I had thawed them in the micro beforehand but they were not 100% defrosted. I will definitely be making this recipe again! Thanks for posting it!

  9. I wonder how it would work over turkey thighs, legs or even a breast. Might be fun to try and then use for Thanksgiving or Christmas if it turns out well.

  10. This was wonderful, just enough spicy to make the dish flavorful!! I wasn’t sure what to expect but it was so easy that I am going to make it again in a couple of days!! Thanks for the great recipe!

  11. Oh. My. Goodness. These are amazing! I was unsure since the dish sounds so basic but I was totally blown away at the wonderful flavor of this dish. It will certainly be a new part of my regular rotation! Thanks for an awesome recipe!

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  13. Husband’s verdict: “That did NOT turn out like I expected. There is NO WAY you are NOT doing that again.” He’s on second helpings. I think there may be thirds. I don’t think there will be leftovers.

  14. I made this last week , and since then have been sharing this wonderful recipe! My husband ,ill with dementia and Parkinsons disease wolfed it down and had more the next night! He is hard to feed these days so well done you ! Macleay Island Queensland Australia

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