Stella’s Snow Day

Does this look like a dog that can run and jump?

I think so. She can soar through the air with the greatest of ease.

She even puts her pointy ears back to be more aerodynamic. This picture also illustrates a fun photography technique. When shooting subjects that are moving past you quickly, too quickly to freeze them with adequate light exposure, you can capture their speed in two ways. First, you can hold the camera still and capture a blurry subject in front of a crisp background. Or second, you can move your camera with the subject as you take the picture. This will cause a crisp subject and a blurred background. I like the second effect here.

Stella also loves chasing her friends. ♥

But she likes catching them even more. Put your tails up!

Her smile says, “I’m exhilarated and fatigued!”

The best way to thaw out frosty paws after a romp in the snow is to get nestled in warm covers. This trick also melts icicle nose, as Stella is obviously aware.

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